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Working Time Agreement Eis

Teachers have a responsibility to work with colleagues and others to pursue the overall objectives of the service. Each educational institution establishes an annual program of action that requires the participation of teachers. In each school, teachers will agree on the range of collective activities that contribute to the general life of the school on a collegial basis. The use of the remaining time (i.e. time beyond the combined teaching and preparation/correction allowance) is subject to agreement at the school level and will include a number of activities, such as. B: For most teachers, preparation and correction will be the longest activity outside of contact time. This should be reflected in the way a teacher`s working time is used. As for the remaining time, teachers will be available during the 35 hours for meetings and other collective activities. If a teacher is not required to be in the school grounds for specific tasks, such as. B that preparation and correction, these can be done at a time and on the place at the teacher`s choice. Teachers are expected to inform the supervisor of their intentions in this area. 10 Development of problems What happened last year cannot follow the same pattern What happened last year can not follow the same pattern branch committee of the WTA must have meetings of parents and other professional activities, etc.

“reprogram” as part of 5 hours per week and the indicative committee of the WTA branch must “reschedule” meetings of parents of children and other professional activities, etc., within 5 hours per week and indicative periods of prioritization means that certain activities cannot take place, unless other times are released, for example. B by the liberation of education, etc. Prioritization means that some activities can only take place if other times are released. B for example by freeing up teaching, etc. Each educational institution will put in place effective mechanisms to support the collective time agreement process. These mechanisms are defined at the local level and reflect local realities. Negotiation mechanisms at the local and national levels will monitor the effectiveness of school mechanisms to ensure agreement on teachers` working time and to prioritize them. 5 time concepts 5 hours of college contract duration for 35 hours work week 5 hours of collegiate time for 35 hours of real or actual time work – time required for certain meetings Real or actual time – Time required for certain sessions Indicative time for activities according to LNCT 17 – reached by professional audit indicative time for activities according to LNCT 17 – achieved by professionals audit 195 hours per year – “annualization” 195 hours per year – “annualization” fictitious time – Insufficient notional time – Not enough time 8 EIS Branch Committee WTA Preparation Professional Audit – Evaluation based on evidence of the time teachers take for each college activity of the year – use a table or pro-forma, to interview members (indiv , Phase or dept Returns) Professional audit – Evidence-based assessment of the time teachers have acquired to complete each college activity in the year – use a table or pro-forma to ask members (indiv, Phase or Dept-Returns) feedback from the results of the professional audit used by the EIS branch committee to decide the reference period lnCT 17 for each activity, results of the review used by the branch committee eis to decide the LNCT 17 reference time for each activity.

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