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Smit Lamnalco Enterprise Agreement

“Since this agreement came into force in 2015, Svitzer has consistently provided quality service at these ports and we are committed to continuing to do so,” said Nicolaj Noes, Managing Director of Svitzer Australia. Svitzer Australia and Smit-Lamnalco renewed the 2015 agreement that Svitzer will continue to provide services on behalf of Smit-Lamnalco at four ports in Australia. The agreement began in August 2015 for the ports of Melbourne, Botany and Newcastle and was due to expire in mid-2018. In a situation similar to Macklin`s at the BHP mine at Goonyella Riverside, where a unionized miner refused to provide training to a contractor, union naval engineers at Gladstone stated that they did not have to train someone who was not employed under their enterprise agreement. The agreement has been extended for four years, until 31 August 2024, for the ports of Melbourne, Botany, Newcastle and Brisbane. As part of the expanded agreement, Svitzer will continue to charter six vessels from Smit. “Smit Lamnalco, in accordance with the corresponding enterprise agreement, has always and will continue to make domestic deliveries using its own management systems and staff.” Smit Lamnalco rejects the fact that this is somehow a fake contracting. “There is also no question of the legality or relevance of the trial.” In general, AIMPE members covered by an EA never need to consider any of the Modern Awards. However, employees who are not covered by an EA may be required to refer to the terms of the bonus. These distinctions set the legal minimum wage and conditions for all marine employees in the six sectors of the marine industry mentioned: there are three important enterprise agreements (EA) for Smit Lamnalco Towage (SLT) at Gladstone Harbour, one for multi-purpose hands (GPH), one for marine engineers and one for master. “Smit Lamnalco stated that he was supporting local workers while seeking the exclusive contract to provide towing services in Gladstone Harbour, but the decision to use a shady agreement to avoid reasonable pay rates or meet adequate safety standards shows the opposite.” Fethers said the company denied entering into a tug delivery contract “traditionally by local employees.” The two sides maintained their own trade policy activities and remained in competition at these ports. Sea workers protested Friday morning outside Smit Lamnalco Gladstone`s office, saying that the work traditionally done by direct employees had been outsourced to a company where half of the crew had been employed and 60% less. The Maritime Union of Australia has accused Smit Lamnalco of using “fictitious contracts.” The majority of AIMPE members have defined their terms of employment through an enterprise agreement (see above), but the EEA base is a modern price series.

When an application for accreditation is submitted, it is submitted to the “Better Off Overall Test” – known as BOOT. The Fair Work Commission applies the BOOT test to each proposed EA. If, overall, staff will not be improved, EA`s proposal should not be approved. “Smit Lamnalco has entrusted IMS, an Australian ship delivery company, with the mission to carry out the voyage,” he said. In November 2017, Svitzer and Smit-Lamnalco extended the existing agreement at the ports of Melbourne, Botany and Newcastle for a further two years, until September 2020, and extended the agreement at the Port of Brisbane.

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