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Service Level Agreement Template Canada

The approaches outlined in the service agreement guideline: essential elements reflect current good practices of the private sector, other legal systems and consultations with authorities. This guidance supports the Internal Support Services Directive and will also help organizations continue to consolidate and increase the efficiency of service delivery. The guideline recognizes that while the use and applicability of service agreements are government standards, the service agreements themselves should be tailored to the circumstances and requirements of the participating services, the different cooperation agreements they can use, and the complexity of the service relationship. The goal of this guideline is to help service managers and executives reach effective agreements to support well-managed, client-centered services. Section 4 discusses the types of service agreements and the situations in which they are best used. Service level extensions: If a specific output is involved, z.B. additional reports, a standard game is normally multiplied by one metric per output (p.B. charge relative). If there is no specific output (for example. B Hours of Advanced Assistance), a default game x is often multiplied by the expected volume.

No single approach or format of service agreements is appropriate for all circumstances. The appropriate form and format are determined by a number of factors, including: This section contains a general description of the litigation management process and procedures to be applied to the ma. It should describe the dispute resolution process at the same time as the escalation process and identify responsible personnel in all parties to the agreement. All specific additional details are assigned to each service that will be described later in ALS. This section describes the governance structure that oversees and manages the service relationship and manages the specific service that falls within the service relationship. It outlines the specific roles and responsibilities of the different parties and how important planning and funding decisions are made, if any. Despite their complexity, service managers are strongly advised to consult with specialized advisors such as corporate and legal services when developing their service agreements. Optional service extensions: usually a feature that complements a basic or additional service.

For example, a specialized financial advice as an extension to a basic reporting service. Appendix A contains a checklist of key items that are usually included in a service contract. Performance objectives: Specific performance targets should be defined in the service agreement and cover both service standards and customer satisfaction measures. Depending on the type of service involved, performance targets may be expressed in terms of volume by period, cost reduction, reaction time, expected results, service levels, achievements, results or qualitative benefits achieved. Targets should be measurable at a reasonable cost. The objectives should be comparable to the various basic measures of costs, level of service and satisfaction, in order to clearly document the degree of improvement achieved over time.

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