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Perl License Agreement

In the United States, these licenses will be interpreted on the basis of what the author appears to be intending to do. You probably want to say what they think. This would make non-copyleft software licenses free and compatible with GNU GPL. However, an unfortunate choice of words could give it another meaning. Please ensure that the files you use are covered by this license agreement. Other files published by Unicode, Inc. are covered by the terms of use of Unicode, another non-free license that appears on the same page but covers different files. A brief explanation above in this license agreement contains detailed information about the files it covers. If a university tries to impose a license like this on the software you write, don`t lose hope. With perseverance and determination and some premonitions, it is possible to impose themselves against university administrators eager for money. This is a free software license.

Unfortunately, it has a legal clause that makes it incompatible with the GNU GPL. If you have questions about free software licenses, you can email us . Because our resources are limited, we do not answer questions to support the development or distribution of proprietary software and you will probably get a faster answer if you ask a specific question that is not yet discussed here or in our FAQ. We are pleased to have competent volunteers who want to help answer licensing questions. It presents a particular danger in the form of a term that explicitly states that it does not grant you a patent license with an invitation to purchase certain. For this reason, and because the licensee is a well-known patent aggressor, we advise you to be careful in using or redistributing software under this license: you must first ask yourself if the licensee can lure you into patent infringement. If you come to the conclusion that the program is a bait for a patent trap, it would be advisable to avoid the program. It has been adopted by some of the Perl 6 implementations and has been used by the Parrot virtual machine since version 0.4.13.

It is also used by the SNEESe emulator, which was previously licensed under the Clarified Artistic License. Software in previous versions of the MPL can be updated to version 2.0, but any software that is not yet available under any of the listed GNU licenses must be marked as incompatible with secondary licenses. This means that software that is only available in previous versions of the MPL is still not compatible with GPL and AGPL. This is a free software license; it has a copyleft that is not strong, but is not compatible with the GPL. We urge you not to use Ms-PL for this reason. Check the license mentions on the software covered by the MPL before doing a larger work. Parties that unblock original work under MPL 2.0 may choose not to bring it into compliance by including a sentence in the licensed references stating that the plant is “incompatible with secondary licenses.” The software that contains this message is not compatible with the GPL or the AGPL.

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