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Agreement Lausanne

The emoluments of the President and the Secretary-General are agreed upon between the governments concerned and these emoluments and the general expenditure of the Tribunal is paid equally by the two governments. As of the entry into force of this treaty and subject to these provisions, the treaties, agreements and multilateral agreements of an economic or technical nature that are listed below will enter into force between Turkey and those of the other contracting parties of the contracting parties: 3), the distribution of rolling stock is carried out by friendly agreement between the administrations that will take over the various sections. This agreement takes into account the amount of equipment recorded on these lines during the last inventory before October 30, 1918, the length of the line (including sidings) and the nature and volume of traffic. If the agreement is not reached, the issues will be resolved through arbitration proceedings. If so, the arbitration decision also indicates which locomotives, cars and cars must be maintained on each section, the conditions for their acceptance and the interim provisions that may be deemed necessary to ensure the current maintenance of the stock transferred to the existing workshops; The validity of all compromises reached prior to the entry into force of this treaty between the nationals of the contracting powers, the contracting parties to the contracts covered by Articles 73 to 75, including those which provide for the cancellation, maintenance, methods of execution or modification of these contracts, including agreements relating to the payment currency or exchange rate. , is confirmed. Subject to specific provisions relating to the transfer of ports and railways, whether owned by the Turkish government or by private companies, located in areas separated by Turkey under this Treaty and which have been or are likely to be concluded in a similar manner between the contracting powers concerning dealers and the retirement of staff , the transfer of the railways is subject to the following conditions: The exchanges of prisoners of war and interned civilians held respectively by Greece and Turkey are the subject of a separate agreement between these powers, signed in Lausanne on 30 January 1923.

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